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Gladding Mc Bean tile details are complete in both the kitchen and bathroom along with original cabinetry, built-ins and light fixtures. When a house this original needs some system upgrades, careful sourcing of materials can preserve the character and beauty of the 1920's. The shower pan in this house had slowly begun to leak and rot. A careful removal of salvageable tiles around the arch with a dremel and a hand clean up of all the tiles made re-creating the original shower possible. A small niche was added for functionality and all plumbing was replaced while the walls were open. New old stock Gladding McBean tile was sourced locally and Mission Tile fabricated reproduction tile that allowed a look very similar to the original shower design. Having the original architectural plans for the house was a rare and helpful tool.

The color consultation included selecting colors to compliment a very traditional late 20's/early 30's tile color combination. The ochre colored tile is paired with a ming green box cap and black accent tiles. This color combination, while common in the 20's, is rare now. I selected historic colors that accentuate the tile, without washing it out, or making it appear dingy.

The beautiful doors are engraved and have been preserved and allowed to age naturally. The original magnesite floors in the entryway and front porch were restored and re-finished to the original specifications when the home was built. Overall, careful attention was paid to clean and seal all original tile and wood, and the original hardware throughout was cleaned and waxed to retain the original patina. They don't make houses like this anymore!