I offer hourly or project based design services to help with tricky restoration issues. Kitchen lay-out problems? Poorly remodeled and not well thought out bathroom? These are some of the issues I can fix through 3-D visualization, color consultation or floor plan design. A well thought out plan can save thousands in costs down the road. I can do anything from simple consultations to complete project management



With a background in the film industry and decades of experience restoring vintage and antique structures, I have both formal training in the arts, design and film, and real world experience.  With an MFA in Production design, my focus is in period design.  After more than a decade working on feature films, I have shifted my focus away from part-time restoration to full-time period restoration.   I bring my experience working in the compressed schedules of Hollywood to the real world.  Managing complex schedules and managing many trades is a skill I honed working in the Art Department on a number of films, ranging from very low budget to all the way up to blockbuster films.  Project management, consultation services, and color consultation are some of the services I can offer.  Stuck on something?  Maybe you need a respectful eye to see beyond the issue.  Merging old and new doesn't have to look clunky or like an afterthought.